Jimmy Regal and the Royals

“leaps spitting and crackling from the fryer: tasty morsels of dirty blues and lowdown r’n’b.” – RnR magazine

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“The British Blues is back… An infinite groove, full of energy and good taste: and the powerful shadow of people like Howlin ‘Wolf and R L Burnside to give approval from afar.” – Il Manifesto

“They brew up a storm… these guys can write top class originals.” – Blues Matters

Lunaria Records are pleased to announce the release of the 2nd album from London based band ‘Jimmy Regals and the Royals’. This tough and howlin’ harmonica led three piece have been grabbing the attention of Blues fans from around the globe. This album is heavily influenced by Hill Country Blues with seven original tracks, plus three hand picked covers – each song capturing the live performance of the band in the studio. The album takes a pleasing sonic tangent on ‘Can’t Cry No More’ which explores the West African Blues style, with a special appearance from Diabel Cissokho on Kora.

Late Night Chicken – Jimmy Regal and the Royals

Order your copy of ‘Late Night Chicken’ from Jimmy Regal and the Royals, out now on Lunaria Records. Cost includes 2nd Class delivery within the UK (if ordering outside UK, please email before placing your order).


One thought on “Jimmy Regal and the Royals

  1. I would like to buy one copy of Late Nite Chicken. Could you please let me know how much to add for P&P to Finland. Cheers Pertti


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